SOLD! | 2 Ollin VESCs and Space Cell 3 Battery 10S3P

Hey guys. Looking to sell This weekend only. I need to get rid of these items ASAP. My fiance finally caught on to my insane esk8 addiction and found my extra parts stash. So unfortunately I’m cleaning out house. I’ll probably be adding more to this short list in the next day or so. Thanks for looking!!!

Here’s what I have so far: I will sell this whole package for $450 shipped

2 NEW Ollin VESC’s with heat sink package $150 a piece or $280.00 for the pair shipped in the US only These are brand new. I purchased one from here that was new (still has 1 year left on warranty). And the other I purchased from Ollin directly (2 year warranty). I literally had them on a board, bldc_tool’d it, and was ready to go. But I broke my collar bone the day before on my other esk8. :frowning:

1 Enertion Space Cell 10S3P $220 (not sure about shipping. I’ve never shipped a battery before.) This was a spare raptor battery that I purchased after I got my Raptor 1. I’ve only used it maybe 2 hours. There are marks on the heat shrink from the lid of the Raptor (see picture).


I’ll PM you.

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I’d e intrested in the battery, how is that with shipping that thing to EU ? :slight_smile:

Newbie Questions.

I’m interested in the 2 Vesc’s. Do they have a Connector for Motor Controller sync, a usb for Programing, what else do i need, you mentioned; “bldc_tool’d”? Can you tell me any more about them… I am working on my first build and am wondering about programing, braking, etc.

Are these a better buy

or these;

It has bullet connectors to connect with the motor controllers.

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Not sure if those are a better buy considering the high quality that Ollin vescs are known for. They also have warranties. So I would say nope. Not a better deal.

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It would cost me too much to ship the battery international. I’m only shipping to the US. Sorry about that.

dont worry, thought as much :slight_smile: but hope you are happy with the raptor nontheless

I am interested in the two Vescs and any extras relative to the brains, connectors, programing tools or advice on what other parts to buy in relation to the compatibility… usb conection?

Also becuase i am a Newbie any second opinions to help confirm this is my best buy for my build would really help…

Whole package was sold guys. Thanks for looking.

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