[SOLD] 2 Trampa 37T Pulleys

These work for flywheels. May work for clones. $52 shipped.

Ships to 48 states. Located in Los Angeles

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Was trying to rotate them but didn’t work. Oh well, reposted

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Damn you, I’ll take them :stuck_out_tongue:

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They are sold!

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@Eboostin since they’ve been sold and this thread doesn’t have much other purpose, how are you doing with the fires? Everyone keeping safe? I was meaning to ask the same of you @psychotiller

@anorak234 I think you’ve mistaken @Eboostin for @Eboosted Fire

Where @eboostin got his board stolen…

actually @Deckoz I’m referring to the large fires in Southern California right now. There’s one right above LA that’s about half the size of Rhode Island, I’m just trying to make sure everyone is keeping safe

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Ah I thought you were talking board fires. My bad

All good here in Lake forest. We are far enough south of the Thomas and yet just north of the Oceanside fire. Thanks for asking!!!


So far, I have managed to stay out of the way. The Skirball fire was closest to me, about 6 miles away but they knocked that one down pretty quickly.

I am hoping the Thomas fire is put out asap as I have family in Santa Barbara and they are in the voluntary evacuation zone. The fire has been devastating. I have a co-worker who lives in Ventura whose house was missed by the fire, but five of his friends’ homes were not.

Thank you for asking!

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