(SOLD)27 Inch Cruiser Deck Style Decks 18$ Shipped US

Hey, as the title suggests I have (2) 27 Inch Cruiser Deck Style Decks new for sale the decks have a nice kicktail, I was going to use these decks for a swappable battery pack idea, but never got around to it, so here it is 18$ per deck shipped anywhere inside the contiguous us

IMG_20190106_160809 IMG_20190106_160904 IMG_20190106_160834

Price dropped a little really need to get these decks outta my house.


Bump.:sweat_smile: need the decks out of my house.

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Good luck :slight_smile:

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Price dropped a little bit, anyone?

And Bump :neutral_face:

How much for one? i already have a nice deck i am just intrested

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its 18 per deck

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Nice 10char

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Or 35$ for both shipped.

Well good luck selling them :wink:

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Bumptey Bump. :neutral_face:

I’ll take one

One deck SOLD one left! 18$ Shipped

I’ll take the last one, I got some spare plastic trucks so it should make a good light carry board


Please close the thread. item sold.

:thinking: wonder who’s gonna close it first

i feel like they should allow the maker of the thread to close and open their own thread.

Eh either way @mmaner and @anorak234 are probably both asleep


Closed per seller’s request.