[SOLD] 2x FOCBOX for sale From Canada

Let me know if you have them still and if your available this weekend…I’ll come for a visit with a hand full of cash for you …thanks again …

Still for sale I’m in quebec city, Quebec

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Ok that’s a good road trip then …ok I was hoping for Quebec Montreal area …are you up by Mt saint Anne Quebec City…I don’t have much going on this weekend…I have family all through Kingston and Quebec…my last name is crevier …big name out there… but non out here in Toronto but my brother and I…thanks again…how do you go about selling on this site as I’m new to this …or is it better to just come see you …

I mean a pictures of the two connectors for the esc that the acton board used, then we can see whats up

Are you willing to come and meet me and I’ll pay for your gas if your not to busy this weekend…I’m very easy to work with and ireally would like to get my hands on some for boxes as I keep reading they are the best…

Ok I’m at work right now but I’m heading home in a couple hours …should be home for 1ish…I’ll send you the pics …thank you so much …

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they’re on sale now for 130

@zac13 Read the thread

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Still for sale

I never got a reply so can u pm me

I’d rather sell both together

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Did you get the PayPal email I sent ?

Yes but you sent 205USD while I asked for 260USD

Sorry thought it was 268 Canadian…but I was incorrect…sorry the inconveniences…I’ve sent the rest to you…

Did it sell? I’m in Toronto and also interested.

PM sent let me know if there still available

I never got a reply. Ended up buying from https://buildkitboards.com/

SOLD 10 char