[SOLD] 2x FOCBOX For Sale New

These are the newly released 1.7 PCB FOCBOXes with a more durable CANBUS, crack resistant inductor, and some other minor upgrades. I can sell them individually for $132.50 each or $250 for both.



I’m interested, where would you be shipping them from as I was getting ready to purchase from their website but it was going to take 14 days ( a little longer than I wanted). Also, may I ask why you’re getting rid of them do you just sell them as profit or were they something you’ve purchased that didn’t work out? And lastly, do they come with the aluminum enclosure I see the focbox typically come with?

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I’m located in Florida and shipping is only covered within the US. The FOCBOXes were purchased from Enertion at the beginning of the month, and yes I resell them. They do come with the standard enclosure, that picture was just to show the upgrades made to the PCB. Unfortunately I had a PM that came in before you replied here, so all of the FOCBOXes are sold. I will have more next month. If you’re still interested, I can send you a PM when they’re in stock. Thanks!

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I’ve got 5 focboxes for sale if anyone wants them.


Paid!!! …


Jesus!! @psychotiller is hot this morning!

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Still have some units to sell?

Talk to @JohnnyMeduse he has some.


Thank @mmaner !!!


Thank you @mmaner Pm sent to you @JohnnyMeduse

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I’m looking for a focbox (non-unity). Anyone still have any available?

Any available?

Are you still selling them? I know Its been a hot minute since you posted.

@mmaner can you lock this thread?

@birds gone a long time ago