SOLD 2x MBS Matrix II Pro Trucks + 2x Extra Set of Yellow Blocks

Title says it all, these were purchased for a board that will never be as I got caught in the spring truck trap. Have never been installed on a board, open box but new otherwise. These are the hollow core pro variety.

Comes with 2 sets of Yellow shock blocks + the installed orange blocks.

Sold! @Tello1969


Wouldn’t this exact set be $153 from MBS with their ongoing esk8 builders 15% off coupon?


I wasn’t aware of that coupon, but that’s great that they offer that!

With that said, I suppose if math is going to be done it should be done correctly:

(2 x 89.95) + (2 x 24.95) = $229.80 - 15% = $195.33

So one is still saving $20 below retail for the parts, and I’ll throw in the arithmetic lesson gratis~


Honestly just was assuming one would already have a preference of shock block and not need to pay for an extra set of paper weights but entirely fair point. Arithmetic is a bit below me, keep the change :kissing_heart:


Please stop with the basic math. It’s a bit much dude. :wink:


These are sold out on the MBS site. I’d jump on this if I didn’t have too many projects going.


Also if we’re going to nitpick it would be: 0.85[2 x (89.95 + 24.95)]

Oooh added rarity factor. The math is #$&% now.


To be fair, as your initial concern was the justification of the price I felt accuracy took priority over formatting.

Does this mean you’re interested in purchasing these or are you just practicing for your DeVry entrance exam?



Graduated 6 years ago with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. Fuck DeVry. I was interested until I (sorta) did the maths.

At this point I’m confused on a few things.

A) Does DeVry actually offer a Biomedical Engineering degree?

B) Really?

C) So does this mean you’re interested in buying these?

I’m willing to offer you a discount of ‘x’, where x = (e^iπ + 1).

Let me know soon, I clearly have a lot of really super important shit I have to do right now.

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You are far too kind. This has been fun. Sorry for heckling your post. Good luck with the sale

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= I have a bigger dick than everyone…

Sorry guys. I went to PSU. It’s a Portland thing. :slight_smile:

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I’ll have you know I dropped out of PSU.

And I’ll have you know, that I had my fiance do some of my online classes while I was at work. :wink:




Dude, I don’t know how many more times we can have this conversation. We may live in Portland but they’re never gonna let you marry that Tamagotchi. It’s cool you got it to do homework though, Mr H4ck3r.


Fuck… :wink:

@str8_Clutch you should buy these

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Didn’t this thread used to be about trucks? :woozy_face:


It used to be but I have to tell you my bosse’s boss ‘sat in’ on some MBA classes

Extra blocks and save $20 nutin wrong with dat + no stock for a day I think