SOLD (2x) NANO X for sale $70 shipped USA

I decided to go a different route. So I got these two just collecting dust. I’m selling both because I can’t remember which receiver pairs with the right remote. IMG_20190320_140215308

The recivers are cross compatible!

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Good to know. Thanks!

I actually use one remote for two boards. A receiver in each.


I could use them for a future build. Paypal?

I use 6 different remotes for god knows how many boards. I leave my remotes all over the house

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Does anyone else have one of these, and can I pay for it, and send you an overnight label so I can keep riding ? My nano x got scrubbed on the ground at speed during a wreck, and the USB cable connectors came loose. It looks a bit tiny for me to solder, however I’m about to try. I need a back up remove for shizzle.

Could anyone else point me to another controller I can buy to replace the nano X in a raptor 2.1 set up?