SOLD - 2x New Gold Evolve GTX Motors in box

I’ll PM you

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Thank you sir.

Honestly, this kind of thing is exactly what this forum needs. These are things you can’t get anywhere else and they are used for electric skateboards. This is exactly where they should be listed.

I mean if someone had a brand new set of Electric Flywheels or something else which is 100% impossible to get, I would expect them to sell for a high price too. Because someone, somewhere, is looking for exactly that item and can’t find it…




As far as I know the the gtx motor is actually gold plated. so it is worth something. also new maneufacturing stoped making gold motor for gtx so, it is rare to find now.

but given that we are the biggest forum and people arn’t interested in collectibles it will be hard sale.

Maybe some rich evolve owner wants it. then again he might already has original gtx :thinking:

can we at least get the spec of these motors? like, what’s the size, wattage, how much gold is used, will it make my life better, etc, etc…

I know money personally and have bought several items from him. He offers amazing customer service, makes friends of his clients and is incredibly helpful in teaching people about making boards. He is exactly what this forum is all about. He told me about this site and I haven’t stopped visiting since. Even made a couple of purchases from people and money helped me with any questions and would solder things that were to difficult for me free of charge. So please lets not jump to horrible decisions and boot a valuable member of the community


Maybe someone is trying to fix a board that was run over by a car (aka: Death Machine) and this is the only place they can get a pair of replacement motors, and they’ve been told by a court to have it fixed like-new. You just never know. There are so many assumptions in here, it’s crazy.

I welcome listings for impossible-to-find rare stuffs that are for esk8.

Nobody is making you buy it.


I can give you some specs… two gold plated motors cost 40.00 each race star and 540.00 in gold plate, man thats a deal


Hey thanks buddy. You’re a good guy and a great friend. A lot of negativity on here I wasnt expecting. Maybe that’s just me being naive.

Funny though, people sure are vocal when they hate from behind a keyboard. My phone has yet to ring since I posted my phone number an hour ago. (Well i mean no calls from anyone on this forum.)

Anyways, thanks again! When we gonna go skate?


yea that’s because no one wants to talk to you.


not at all , check your PM

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Hey man, I’m interested but I need the specs! How many karat?

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You do realize that your comment is directed toward me, right?

My buddy Scott got his gtx run over last month. I’ll hit him up and see if he needs these :smiley:

I don’t care if he saved mother teresa’s life, cures insomnia and cancer and feeds every lost puppy in the world…selling 2 50mm motors for $600 is crap and should not be rewarded.


I’m not saying nobody should buy, just point these are somewhat rare, and forum will be hard to sale on these cuz we r diy - er , not collecters.

but yeah collectibles r welcome, not so sure why so much hate here.

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It’s not hate, at least not from me, its disgust. These types of motors, even better motors, can be had for $50 each.

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If he succeed to sell them, first thing i’ll do next is buy a GTX, sell the motor, and buy another in black. 450$ discount. cool :joy:


XD he also sells gold HW and gold skate tools jesus. you need gold rim gold sticker gold griptapes gold trucks. make a gold edition board that would be epic haha. bling bling (no offense genuinly surprized by the items you sell)

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