Sold [$35 AUD ea or $180 for all 6] 6.5 INCH URBAN TREADS + 7 Inch Tube x6 available


Bought these by accident when checking out from trampa store, ended up buying 200mm MBS tyres from a local supplier instead so selling these off. also have Overrion 35/10 chain drive available


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Shipping would crush me or if scoop them up quick. I love that tire

Wish I didn’t have to sell them QQ I wNted them as my first choice.

You must have switched to gear drive.

Yes actually I’m placing an order for etox gear drive next week but the orders just over 1k lol so was hoping to sell off what I have would even be open to offers =p but how did you know?

I also have motor mounts and 35/10 iso 6 chain drive available =)

I think I just responded to you on fb. But this post gives more info. Lol. If you rotate your hanger to the street position you’ll get more height on the back

Perhaps =p I may have just responded there also wasn’t aware by rotating the hanger I could get more ground clearance. But I already have 200mm Mbs whells on and they are a pain to change since I don’t have all the right tools to work with making it a tiresum process. Mistakes were made. But if I can’t sell em I might give it a go. Might even try getting risers perhaps too.

It’s actually really easy. You just unscrew the springs on the bottom and pull out the pin in the center that holds the two parts of the truck assembly together.

Haven’t pulled trucks apart but I might give this a go when I get home tonight if I got the right tools haha