SOLD: 35° long trampa mountianboard deck (US only)

Board is less than (2) months old. Ridden less than 5 km total. Includes deck mounting hardware - 16 ply

Price is $145 + $25 shipping (US only). Original cost with shipping to US ($237)

Will include pictures soon.

REASON FOR SALE: Board is too big for my weight, ordered another Trampa deck

Might be interested. Will caliber style trucks mount to this deck?

If you mounted calibers the effective base plate angle would be (50degree truck-35 degree deck)= 15 degrees. The board wouldnt turn well at all.


And you’d have a loss of traction

need mtb trucks, flame, mbs, trampa…

Thanks everyone for the interest. Item has been sold.

Would you mind sharin who bought it? I gotta know who’s beautiful build I should be on lookout for :eyes:


Makes perfect sense thank you for the explanation.

Lol, this one will likely end up with my brother. Id want the 17ply if it was for me :wink:.

Thank goodness this sold before I saw it…I don’t want another deck…but I would get another deck lol