SOLD 36T ABEC pulley 15MM combo kit for sale

Accidentally bought the wrong type of pulley. Needed ones that work with kegels, so my loss is your gain. 16T 15mm motor pulleys. Shoot me an offer of whatever you think is fair and I’ll probably accept!

image image

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You can drill other holes to make it compatible

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Where are the pulleys from? And also how much for the two motor pulleys?

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Yeah, but I’m OCD and want everything to look perfect.

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I believe they are these (or at least one is):


I’m not sure though, because I bought them off someone on this forum. I’ll ask him where they are from.

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Price for two motor pulleys?

You only want the pulleys? I feel like if I sell just the pulleys nobody will want the wheel part by itself


Nobody, no. A few people, maybe. Drive pulleys are dime a dozen on this site and others. Set your set complete and make that dollar

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Yeah I think I’ll sell it as a complete set! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Anyone want them? $30

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@KaramQ if you are tired of waiting for the real wheel pulleys these maybe a good alternative.

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I was thinking of them but I’m broke atm


Do you know if they’ll fit?

Is standard fitting. Is not precise in a way it doesnt have the internal hub conic profile, but it can be adjusted with the bolts by tightening to whatever width the wheel is. I got a similar system from @marcmt88 (Janux-esk8) with an adjustable 44T wheel pulley (retainer, bolts & pulley) made out of POM he sent me to test drive. I will buy a second one from him for the second wheel.

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Nice! How much did those cost?

You see? That wheel pulley is kind of universal. My wheels are MBS 100mm and at the time finding precise fitting pulleys for them was difficult; with @marcmt88 POM pulley was easy to adjust. As long as the pulley may be able to grab the wheel’s flat backside it will work beautifully. You twitch a little bit, bolt by bolt, until you screw all the six of them all the way, tightening the front retainer and the back pulley against the center wheel core.

Marc sells those wheel pulley for around $40.

Have you sold? I would make an offer if one of those is a 5mm pitch (can’t quite tell from the pics, left one at least appears to be?)

@mmaner sold can you close this thread?