[SOLD] 3x 4s 16000mah Multistar batteries

Bought these a few months ago looking to restructure them into a flat pack. Didn’t realize how heavy they were so I went with 18650s in the end.

Charged them to storage charge as soon as i got them and they’ve been sitting in my room since.

20190130_152342%5B1%5D 20190130_151913%5B1%5D 20190130_151953%5B1%5D 20190130_152006%5B1%5D 20190130_152158%5B1%5D

I took the heatshrink off one to see how the pack was structured and figure out how to make it flat, but I never went through with it.

San Francisco, CA $150 for all 3, buyer pays shipping


Sent you a message :).

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PM sent :rocket:

Sold @moderators close please

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