[SOLD] 3x FOCBOX's For Sale $140 + Upgrades

Hey guys I bought a few FOCBOX’s during the Enertion sale and im selling 3 extras. I added an Acrylic Conformal Coating to every box to increase its durability to liquids and other debris, this DOES NOT MAKE IT WATERPROOF just helps with any leaks and may save your VESC. I will also include 3x 3.5mm to 4mm bullet adapters but if you dont want them just let me know and ill chop $5 off the price. Shipping is free within the USA only, not shipping internationally, sorry. Pics below are of the boxes and the coating under a blacklight. Also they have been tested and updated with the latest Ackmaniac Extended BLDC Firmware. You can find out more about the Ackmaniac firmware [HERE] (https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/extended-bldc-tool-with-watt-control-mode-ppm-cruise-control-individual-throttle-curve-and-android-app) and you can check out my review of the FOCBOX using these exact ones HERE. Please PM me if your interested, will close topic when there all sold.


ha i use that exact same silicone pad.

just to be clear, it’s $150 per focer shipped?

Its a great pad! And yeah $150 per though thats negotiable and for all 3 ill do like $415.

have you monitored temp with that conformal coating covering the FETs? Asking, cause I was recommended not to do this.

Yes actually I have, I just posted about my temporary findings of the thermal transfer of a single coat of conformal coating on the thread with my review. I found that a single layer of coating, as I expected, does absolutely nothing to heat transfer.

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How much for …

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150 + 150 = 300 - 15 = 285 quick maths. No but for real ill give you like $15 off for two.


These look good the coating seems to help with protection with no transfer heat loss.

Hey! Are you still selling? I would like to purchase two

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