[SOLD] 40+ mph 13S Dual 6374 EVO F/S


Well I’m sad to say but time to move on to a new project. This board was an absolute dream, will do 40+mph without skipping a beat, and will out accelerate damn near anything out there. Completely turn key setup. Needs nothing.

Easier to just check out my super detailed build thread here…

$1600 bucks and it’s yours. (Buyer pays shipping)

EDIT pictures added in this thread below…


Wasn’t this a thread already?

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No… it wasn’t a thread already.

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Mmmmmm new projects, ever looming…



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Best forum come back of the week lol

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Man! My head hurts.

@Deckoz I’m watching you :eyes:

Please forgive my total lack of experience using this forum. Im brand new to the site and haven’t quite figured it out yet. Im interested in the board and possibly buying it from you but I have a couple questions. Is there a way I can message you directly?

click on @pshaw’s name and a message option should pop up allowing you to direct message

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Hey man. If you don’t have enough post history I think they lock you out of doing a direct message potentially. Not sure though. If DM doesn’t work just email me here :slight_smile:

[email protected]


Some actual pictures will be really helpful!!

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Click on the link in the initial post. You get the entire build log with tons of pictures.

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Correct. Those are old pics. I would to see what the board looks like as an “today” that’s all


Perfect! Email sent.

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Ah I gotcha. Yeah I can do that. Sorry been outta town for the past 4-5 days so things have been a bit crazy on my end. Here’s some pictures from a recent 22mile ride we did… I’ll try and get better pictures here soon. My board is the evo closest to the camera.




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Is the board still for sale?

Yes it is!

I would like to see more recent pics of the board, motors and underneath when you get a chance. Also how is the battery holding up and whats the braking like? Sounds like she is a speed demon.

@oo8moto @FranciscoV

Here’s some quick ones of it in the current state. Few changes as I swapped the base plates due to the torqueboard ones having slop in the kingpin. Was fine up until about 40mph and there was a slight wiggle I was uneasy about. These new ones might as well be welded. No slop at all and it’s dead solid at high speed.

I had a spare brand new motor that I wasn’t doing anything currently with so I went ahead and changed it out with for the motor that had the most wear on it.

The battery is super solid, had only been charged fully probably less than 10 times. Board overall has extremely low mileage (obvious) by the pictures.

As far as braking goes there is no way to explain how much power this board has under acceleration and braking. It’s absurd…



Still for sale!

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