(SOLD) 6 inch Pneumatics

Got some 3D printed 6” pnuemies that I’d like to hand off to somebody else interested in the pneumatic world.

All tubes hold air, one tube is acting sort of weird though (I thought some shrapnel got to it, but now it’s acting normal - just keep an eye on it). Treads are in great shape, these weren’t used for more than 15 miles. The hubs are indestructible, printed at 100% PLA. 6 bolts in each wheel keep it nice and solid, super comfy to ride on. Drive wheel has 34T gear included, so no need to worry about purchasing a gear if you want this for a single drive board.

Tubes and tires are from Psychotiller, they’ll run you $60 new.

The only reason I am selling these is because I took my first ride of the summer and ended up switching to urethane wheels, remembered how much I really love them.

Price is $70 OBO with everything in the picture via PayPal business. image|666x500

so only 1 wheel has a gear


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what does 10 char mean?

“10 char” means 10 characters. It’s a reference to the 10 character minimum for posts on the forum. I just use it as a space holder so that I can post shorter responses. If somebody here says: “ Yes.

10 char “ That just means “yes.”

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gotcha i’ve been seeing this alot and got confused thanks :slight_smile:


Is the gear printed with the hub?

It’s one piece of 4 pieces, so yes it is part of the hub but can be easily removed or replaced without having to replace the rest of the hub.

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Cool. It almost looks aluminum in the photo. What is the distance between bolts? I wonder if the VEX pulleys would fit on the 6 bolts.

Distance from the center of one bolt to the center of another bolt is 32.3mm. This is consistent across each wheel

Would you be willing to share the CAD files to these wheels if they’re able to be 3D printed?

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All credit to @Maxid