SOLD: 80kv Original Hummie Hubs

These were what caused me to fall in love with esk8ing. These are Hummie’s originals aluminum hubs. They have probably around 1000 miles on them; I liked them. :smile:

Here’s what’s included:

  • Matching 195mm Paris front truck. The motors are mounted on 180s so the width of the two trucks are within 1-2mm of each other.
  • Pair of used 80a Kegels. Also about 1000 Miles
  • Pair of brand new 80a Kegels w/ bearings
  • 10 nitrile rubber tires. They last about 200-400 miles in my experience before they cone too much or get too loose for my liking. No tire has ever slipped off.
  • 4mm bullet connectors

Here’s the my original build thread:

Asking $180 and a good home for these. Shipping in U.S. included. I’m in DC if there’s local folks interested. Also heading to NYC Feb 24th weekend.

EDIT: I’m in Seattle this week and won’t be able to ship until Friday, 1/26. :frowning:


I’ll take them! I have cash today

Haribo IS awesome. Gummy bears are still my favorite.

You can DM me and we can hash out the shipping and all that. For anyone else reading the thread, I’ll flip this to SOLD once everything is in the mail.

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SOLD! The winner is Hariboisawesome! I’m looking forward to seeing the new build!