asking for $75

I’m getting rid of this since I don’t plan on building with this part. Hopefully someone will find this useful. I will ship to the 48 states via UPS Ground with tracking at no additional cost. If you want the failed hub motor with trucks, make it $100 total for the additional shipping weight.

This is the battery/electronics within the enclosure from the Acton Blink Board. I had Acton “upgrade” the belt drive to the HUB motor and they sent me an obviously used motor with glue all over it…it failed after one short ride and they refused to replace it…anyway, I’m just keeping the deck, maybe someone can used this small battery for a simple short board, it would be a simple 6 screw bolt on. The battery does work and the side LED turns on

reading this thread, it looks like the BMS is built-into the battery pack and you can swap in a VESC. battery is a XT60 connector so that would make it easy.

Was the Blink board a single motor or dual motor set up?

Single drive

One question. Do you have the remote for the hub motor or for the belt drive? Because they are different. If you can, send me a pic of the remote.

I can confirm that the BMS is inside the battery. I took a step even further and opened the battery case. The BMS is there for sure :grimacing:

sorry, it’s been sold. Topic updated