[SOLD] - Arbor board and duel 3000 watt hub motors for sale!

these motors and the board have been used but they are still in great shape(besides the holes for the wood screws i used to attach my case). each hub motor can handle up to 3,000 watts but i suggest using 9s and limiting your vescs because its a lot of power and im not sure if the urethane can handle 12s at full tick lol. I’m asking $300 for everything shown plus shipping


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Which hubs are this ? JBloy’s hubs ? Hummie’s hubs ? Have a good sale ! If I wasn’t already in for my own builds (need reserve in case) I’d take it right now from you.

honestly i dont know what kind of hubs they are… i got them from a friend and he gave me the specs. i ran them on 9s for about 2 weeks but i have tested them with 12s and they did not have any problems :slight_smile:

@Vanarian Those look like Jacob’s hubs given the placements of the screws on the side. I have hummie’s hubs, and these definitely aren’t those.


yeah i was just looking up some videos of the jacob hubs and im pretty sure you are correct:)

It’s sold! Sorry guys