SOLD - [AUS] For Sale - 2 x 6374 190kv Motor (brand new from BKB)

Hi All, I was a n00b and missed the comment on the BKB site about the 6374 motors being approx 84mm long… see link below:

…I paid $260 USD for the pair but these wont fit my setup so does anyone want to buy them? Say $200 AUD for the pair + shipping to wherever you are?


Sorry Pete too negative on the pitch…there just going to sweat you and wait for a price drop. That’s a lie. There the most honest bunch I’ve never met…

Start a new thread… Most powerful reliable motors I’ve ever had. Shredded my drivetrain half throttle Willing to part with close to half price Deceased estate… Misses says its them or me…:innocent:

cheers :heart:

Worst case scenario I buy them…:heart: Cant believe there not sold…

Will you take $179.00?

Sold $200 that ill teach me…:heart:

That will teach me for passing out on the couch.


Doesnt look like it has sold yet

Well I cant understand @mars cryptic poem


Find out when he wakes up. its 5am here atm.


Lol. @mars, that post was a journey. :joy: … I THINK you were offering the $200 deal.(?)… so ping me a PM with you addy and I’ll get a shipping quote to you?. :slight_smile:

If I haven’t heard in 12 hours or so I’ll assume i read the poem wrong and I’ll let you know @dareno

Cheers. Pete


Hey @dareno… I read the poem again… I don’t think he’s gonna buy them… so did you want them?


If you snooze to loose…or maybe…don’t drink and type…lol

I’ll pm you a bit later with details. Still got a head like a busted watermelon ….lol Thanks cheers…

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So just an update to say that mars poem was a “yes I’ll buy them”… so these are sold now! :joy::+1::ok_hand: