(SOLD) AUS MELB - Baja G4X 900wh for URGENT SALE - $3000

Dudes, my car has shit itself and the Baja is the only thing I have worth selling so I can fix the car.

Bought brand new for $5500 at the start of the year. Has done about 600kms.

Comes with: Alloy remote Charger Added grab bar Vicious grip Loads of belts Spare tube Spare tyre Other random spares

The board has a slight creaking sound coming from the front end that has not affected performance. Has been looked at by Bajaboard and given the OK.

Only selling due to my car being about to implode and need cash fast, very regretful sale.

Will get some more photos up tonight!


Deal of the century but I need this gone. Price reduced to $2500


Can’t you use this to get to work, instead of the car? It’s also less pollution :+1:

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Its tough, but not tough enough to carry 500kg of tools and hardware 100km every day.

And its SOLD.

mods please :lock:

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Wtf? I work in construction bro, I can’t pick and choose where the next building needs to be built.

Try to be less opinionated, you come across as an ass hat.