[SOLD] Benchwheel complete board for parts

$100 obo shipped

Got a benchwheel that’s NOT working in parts.

I was putting it in a box to throw away but thought maybe someone here could try to fix it, or scavenge it for parts.

Plan was to selectively replace parts to make it operational again but I’m in the middle of moving so don’t have the time or motivation.

As far as I can tell, one of the two motor is shot. So is the integrated ESC? This board has the ESC, BMS, Bluetooth module, and everything else, integrated into two main PCBs.

I’ll include everything including the deck, wheels, pulleys, 6s4p battery pack, enclosure, remote, etc.

If no takers within a week it’s going straight into the trash.

$50 shipped?

Which bench wheel model? Just for the battery pack this is a good deal

$80 and we got a deal, will send it out tomorrow.

benchwheel c2


Where do you live?

southern california, orange county, anaheim.

if you can pickup we can do $50.

I would if i could, but I don’t live in the states :smiley:

o damn, sorry.

I’ll do $75 shipped PM me!

I would buy the remote, let me know.

it’s gone, thanks for looking.