SOLD: BOARD 10S4P / Torque 6374 / FOCBOX / nano controller

I made an electric skateboard this past summer expecting to use it in college but have not used it at all because I ended up getting a car. This board is fully functional, but does not include an enclosure. Will also include battery charger. I was too scared to reach top speed so not sure what it is but the estimates ~25mph. Super long battery range and I have ridden less than 10 miles on the board so everything is basically new. Strongly prefer to sell the full build. I spent upwards of about $1000 without tax so asking for $800. If located in LA or bay area I can deliver.

video of board:

Parts: torque boards 6374 sensor motor 10s4p battery with bms and charger and battery indicator enertion FOCBOX diy electric nano controller (have never experienced signal dropping and pairs quickly) build kit boards motor mount 15mm pulley kit blank deck similar to loaded tesseract shape caliber trucks 83 mm flywheels


Did you build the battery yourself, or where did you get it? Do you know what kind of cells were used?

I got it from Jared at build kit boards. I believe he used Samsung 25R cells

Are you willing for trade + money?

Sorry, Iā€™m not interested in a trade.

You willing to sell just the battery?