[SOLD]Brand New Flatland 3-D Full finger gloves for sale

Hi there! I received my flatland-3 D gloves yesterday.

The gloves that arrived have one minor blemish. The middle finger plastic guard for the right hand glove is just a little loose. It can easily be fixed by applying some glue. The manufacturer sent me a replacement so I’m getting rid of these.


Asking for $30 OBO + cost of shipping which should not be more than $5-7.

IMG_3235 IMG_3243 IMG_3244 IMG_3242

whats the size?

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Its a Large

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Good price. Feel like its the third set ive seen delivered with loose threads… @Mikenopolis you get replacement too?

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I’ll take em. PM incoming.

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Man I just inspected the gloves again after seeing this. I definitely expected perfection at this price range.

image image image

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