*SOLD* Carbon Jet Spud / Freebord Bindings / 10S3P LG HG2 / 90mm 75A Abecs

selling my probably most advanced build for 1000€!

shipping EU only because of batteries!

every detail is documented here - its build with patience, dedication and lots of love for details :slight_smile:

quick summary:

  • Jet Spud Carbon + Freebord Bindings + Vicious Grip
  • caliber 2 with precision cupped washers and riptide pivot + riptide krank barrels
  • 90mm Abec 11 Flywheels 75A
  • Carbon enclosure with lid sunk into board
  • LHB style motor exit wires
  • copper reinforced 10S3P HG2 battery
  • vesc in FOC mode & torqueboards 2.4Ghz mini remote
  • 1x enertion rspec 6355 with enertion mount and 15mm drive wheels/pulleys

the board was running less than 100km in total and looks like on its first day. selling because Im just not a big fan of stiff boards and jumping down stairs didnt go along with my fairly broken knees. paying my tribute to years of tennis, race- and wakeboarding. :frowning: Im pretty proud about the build and its not an easy thing to separate, but its also pointless to keep it when Ill keep riding my soft flexy boards only.

a few pictures of the thread above:





I’ll buy the deck right now… lol


great build wow. Building my own right now though. Hope it finds a home.

price downgraded :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Always loved this build, too bad im kinda broke right now :D. Goodluck selling this, no doubt the new owner will be satisfied af with it.

price update:

1000€ including shipping and charger!

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If you’re willing to split it, I’d buy the deck/enclosure and bindings…

Damn. I would totally get it if I could. If you were to sell the deck with the enclosure seperately you could count me in!

I’m not riding down steps because I dont feel light snapping more motor plates… but this is serious deal! :money_mouth:

I’m riding my spud every day. no bindings. surprised you didn’t like it. it did take some getting used to. change of style…

its not about liking or not, its about my knees. i like this board a lot, its super agile, comfortable and the bindings are awesome. just cant ride a board without flex, cause me knees need it soft. :frowning:


True. I guess I need to try out a vanguard style board to really feel the difference the flex can make.

I have to admit I never rode a stiff board, neither es-k9 nor regular longboard. I never liked it and I was allways doing downhill anyway. But is it that much of a difference that I may have to try it out to see if i like it or not ?

tbh, the jet spud actually feels quite comfortable even though its a stiff deck - really weird, I couldnt believe it either. its jumping that gets my knees. also im really a carving fan and carving on a flexy camber board with a longer wheelbase just feels more lively overall.

oh I see. I never really was all into carving, I am still hoping for a DIY build or components that take me to my speed that I need (downhiller) or a board that slides well and doesn’t damage it. Will try it with the carvons I got and see what a few weeks of sliding does to them.


hehe, going fast on a stiff board really doesnt appeal to me and its also quite dangerous in germany because of the current status of eboards vs. police. :sweat_smile:

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