SOLD! Carvon v4 speed drives for sale EU $600 USD free shipping SOLD!

Slightly used. PU cut for better heat dissipation.

Better pictures will follow tomorrow.

I’m looking for $800 if people are willing. I wish to go belt drive with 74’s. Make me an offer. I am in the EU Netherlands.

Here are some pictures. Better ones will follow later today after I have had some sleep.

image image

Glue residue has been wiped off already btw.

Changed to selling for $650 plus shipping. Lowered to $600USD plus shipping. Down to $600 USD free shipping.


I everyone broke or nobody interested? These puppies used to sell like hot cakes.

As said I’m looking for $800 but very willing to go lower especially since demand seems to be existent to none.

Here they are on my current test build.



I think the $800 price tag is what is hard to swallow. a lot of budget is for a $1,000 board. Spending $800 leaves very little room for everything else. Good luck…have you posted on the CarvOn group buy thread?


i wish i had the budget for this…

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800€ is a bit steep especially since the Exos pros were going for 700 something dollar …for a full landyacht board… 10s3p…moded hubs…running. significant drop to 500 may Garner more attention

Where is my badge? I replied via email.

I was not expecting to get $800 honestly but I thought demand was still high for this so it may go for $800.

Just to clear things up. You are talking about 800 usd and not euro right?

Yes 800USD

Got it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sell more batteries and show me the money.


huh? what are you talking about?

I sold one of my V4 for $650 got a few offers at that price

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this is what.


I’d take that too but nobody offered.

Change the thread title to $650 plus shipping nice-badge-sorry


Done. Why is my penis involved?

I know it’s humongous but I was trying to keep that quiet.


I’m getting confused here :smiley:


£500 for a very lightly used set of Carvons in the EU which are rare as rocking horse shit. I’d say these will be gone pretty quickly.


Lowered to $600 USD.


some new pictures after they have been taken off my test board

make me an offer guys and gals

image image image image image image

These still here?? I can’t believe no one has jumped on them. My V2s now fitted to the Hummie deck are silent and so slick. Someone buy them before a v2 v4 4x4 idea get me in trouble…