*SOLD* Colorado, US Selling the JAH (Just Another Hummie) build $1500 *SOLD*

Sold sold sold

As much as I hate to get rid of him, I need the cash for moving expenses. Unforeseeable circumstances have arose and it’s time for a change of casa. I’m asking $1500 but I’m open to hearing offers. Shipping will be roughly $100 to the lower 48. International shipping will be more of course. Help me get it sold an I’ll give you $100 finders fee

Hummie deck routed out to hold a 12s8p (25r cell) battery. 20Ah, capable of 120a nominal discharge, LLT 20a smart bms bypassed, can handle 5a charging with stock bms wiring, has roughly 30-40 (this means it could’ve been sitting @ 80% and I charge it back up or it was @ 30% and charged it back up) cycles on it. Has .15 nickle throughout, each cell has it’s own series connection. I trust this battery enough to say it wont fail you if ridden with care. Dual 1.7 focbox with can. Its has 3DServisas FatBoy Mini Urethane Helical Gear Drive V5 with FatBoy 240mm hangers but it has BKB 6355 motors instead. Those are attached to Haggy Bergs. And Rey8801 adjustable baseplates. Board also has shredlight sl200 mounted front and rear. Also has that version 1 of maytech’s dual trigger remote. As well has loop key.

One motor has some scratches due to lightly grazing a rock one day. Does not in any way affect performance. They’re just surface scratches. The enclosure suffered the same damage from same rock as well. Again just surface. Can easily be fixed. Board has been treated with lots of care other wise.

I’m 150lbs with gear and I’ve seen 30 mile rides on it with room to go more. Never actually did a full range test. Its seen 45mph (top speed) a few times. Very stable @ that speed even with semi loose trucks.

Any questions, I’ll be happy to answer about anything concerning the board.


Sad to hear that something came up and you have to sell that beauty. Good luck on selling it mate. I don’t need it since I have 4 boards of my own. Hope to hear good news about this later.


Awww man! Sucks bud. That beauty is a blast from better times past. I hope you find the money before you have to sell it. I wish you good luck either way. :fist_right::fist_left: