{SOLD} Complete build for sale. Dual drive, 10s3p, Focbox's, Abec 11 107mm etc AUSTRALIA

I’m selling my complete deck. It’s only been used for around 30min. That’s what happens when you have a baby. No time for hobbies.

Extreme care was taken in building this with safety in mind. Cell level fusing (plus regular 40amp wiring fuse) for peace of mind.

Well protected against vibration with gel damper pads, enclosed in a custom built aluminium enclosure, powder coated in a pearl white. Mounted to a carbon fibre reinforced Powell Peralta Samurai deck.

You can see from the photos that the wiring is elegant and simple (by using right angle joints). No messy spaghetti cables.

Everything is virtually brand new, no dirt, dints or scratches. In mint condition. Works perfectly and very powerful.

Over $1700 spent on this. Selling for $700.

Pick-up is from Melbourne AUSTRALIA. Can post anywhere in Australia. Inspections welcome.

Powell Peralta Samurai Carbon Fibre reinforced deck Dual FOCBOX Bestech BMS 10s3p Samsung q30 battery pack Nano x controller Abec 11 107mm wheels Evolve GT trucks + motors 15t motor pulley 38t wheel pulley Aluminium Enclosure Charger and remote included

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What are the specs on the motors? And how easy/hard would it be to do a deck swap on it? Also can you give more details on how the battery was built.

The motors are 5065 150KV.

A deck swap would be very easy, as long as the enclosure fits under you deck.

The battery pack was put together using 100% copper bus bars for maximum energy transfer and each cell has its own fuse. Each parallel pack is packed in hi temp rated wrap to add extra protection from other packs. Then the hole pack is wrapped in a clear shrink wrap for easy inspection. It was built for maximum safety and performance.

Have you not sold that build yet? Crazy. Its a proper evolve. How they should have done it.


If you still have that after the new year I will buy it for my wife. Good build. Pm me if it doesn’t sell.

if it were US-based I’d have bought this board like three times already :slight_smile:


Looks awesome - if it’s still going, I’m in!

this still hasn’t sold? I’m surprised. Beautiful build.


Yeah if this was US I would have bought this and hid it from my wife until my birthday.

Just looked up tickets $1100 round trip. Makes the board about what it’s worth though.

Why is this still available? :astonished:

Because I’m an American Fuck

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Shame on you. You probably voted for trump. Dirty

Go ahead and say Voldemort while you’re at it




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Cheers, looks cool, but not for me I think. I’m getting really exited for the Haya deck!!!

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