* sold * Complete Esk8 for sale $350 + shipping

I’m selling a board I built for my wife (she now rides my LaCroix). This board was very lightly used as she never really became comfortable on it. It does have several chips in the paint, but that is more related to poor paint primer (and my weak painting skills) than wear and tear.

Deck - Valhalla Skrilla 37.5x10 Trucks - 50 degree Caliper 2 Wheels - 83mm Abec 11 78a Bushings - Riptide Krank barrel/cone front, chubby/cone rear 90a Gearing - 15mm 15t x 40t Battery - 12s2p Miami Electric Boards VESC - Ollin Boards Motor - 6355 Torqueboards Remote - Nano 2 Enclosure - ABS by Psychotiller

This board is about 1 1/2 years old and has at most 150 miles on it. The reason I’m not asking more is the battery will only charge to 84%…I haven’t opened the battery, so I’m not sure what the issue is. I weigh 215lbs and live in a hilly area, this board will give me 5 miles range before it hits voltage cutoff up longer hills.

This is great board for anyone in flat areas looking for a lightweight board with about 10mi range.

This was the 5th board I built (at the time) and I routed the phase wires through the deck.

image image image image image image


Damm great sale. Bet this gets snatched up before you go to bed. :joy:


@tardyparty7 weren’t you looking for a board


let me talk to my bro abt this. he might be in the market. i might not move on this, i love it, but if i was going to get him a diy board, i would give him my first diy eboard and make another one so i have two and he has one. let me talk to him tho.


Bump. This really is a good board for this price.

is it dual or single drive?

Great deal. If i had the exact $ right now it would be sold.

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Single drive 15mm. Doesn’t skip breaking downhill with my 215lbs.

whats the top speed? have you ever gotten to 10 miles (with it only charging to 84%)?

I’ve never done 10 miles on it, but my wife has (she’s much lighter than me). I have the same battery on another board and I’ve done 10 miles on that one in flat terrain multiple times.

Top speed is around 25mph. I didn’t build it for speed as my wife would never go fast.

The deck, trucks, wheels, bushings, motor, motor mount, remote, and pulleys alone are probably worth $300 used. So you’ll be getting a good vesc and a half decent battery for $50.


Where are you located?

Los Angeles area.


Ahh. Sorry. For some reason I was thinking you may be in Atlanta. My bad.


ollin vesc alone costs over 170 bucks, if it’s available next week (payday), im taking

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This has been sold