[SOLD] Complete Trampa electric mountain board

image image image image image Uploading: BD5C058B-D557-46B0-80E1-13A5F10A8D8D.jpeg… Uploading: 47A3729E-313E-4D50-AD2C-518EC1B5D8C1.jpeg… I’m selling my custom trampa mountain board (carbon fiber with blue and white accents) with dual alien power system 80mm motors, jens/etoxx motor mounts with upgraded helical gears, dual vesc six inside of trampa monster box. It will need batteries as my lips batteries that I was using are no longer working but will send them with the board anyways. If you have any questions please message me. 3,000 US dollars obo will ship depending on agreement and location.

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Pics?? Please? And $3000 without a working battery?? How many miles on it?


Which 80mm motors on there? Size, kV? As @Kingdom421 said, pictures are necessary if you want to sell something here.


3000 dollars without battery is expensive I think

Yes we need to see pic’s if it wort 3k…

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he doesnt say what rims he is riding but the board build he is talking about would cost 3500ish all new parts without bat i almost have this build myself but its really less then 3500 because the trampa drives u buy could be resold on here what i did.so around 3k new parts without bat.its hard to give a good recommendation price range without pix.20190226_151806

@Kingdom421 I updated post with pictures and there is probably about 10 miles on it.

@Andy87 they’re the c8085 outrunners 165kv I also updated the post with pictures

Any reasonable offer will be considered. Don’t want this board to just sit around anymore as I used it in college to get back and forth from classes and finished with school

I think part out maybe your best bet. I’d take those motors of your hands

@AgressivStreetLamp I really don’t want to separate as it is complete and wiring and vescs is already configured I’d take 2,000 for the whole board in a heartbeat

I knew I had seen this board somewhere! You don’t live to far away bro, couple hours north. Nice looking board! I bet it was a beast! If I had the money I’d consider grabbing it! Building my first diy, holybro trampa. It’s an addictive hobby hahaha

@McLovinsQuads make me an offer on it you’ll have way more than 3 into by time it’s all said and done. It’s the holy pro board

This is sold :grin:

Is this still available

Na I picked it up the other day :grin: I have yet to get thrown (waiting on new battery Hahahaha) so I still wanna keep it as of now

No worries but if you decide to sell give me a txt on here

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