SOLD Custom 12s slim lipo for sale never used SOLD

Got a custom 12s slim lipo pack for sale. Made from 2 zippy 6s 8ah. Specs are 44.4 volts 8ah 35c if I remember right.

16 inch by 6.5 inch Brand new never used Will take anything for it

I would be interested, but have only used lion w/BMS etc. What kind of balance charger would this require, charge 2 6s in parallel? Lol, batteries are my weak spot!

Well you could use dual a dual 6s charger if you want but it would require a little bit of rewiring.

Right now it’s BMS ready and has balance leads but no jst connector

I actually need a 12s battery for testing the esc’s. How much do u want for it?

200 bucks?

Lol, actually I need to step it down from 12s anyway if I am ever going to use these tacon Bigfoot motors. 245kv so pushing it at even 10s I am told. Will keep looking, thanks!

That’s a fair price for 12s4p. Let me know if you ever need to get rid of a 10s or 8s you have lying around for cheap.

Will do buddy!