[SOLD] Discontinued Landyachtz Topspeed 34 - Great Condition

Was originally going to do an Evolve clone with this board but changed by mind, no fault of the deck. Love the way this deck looks and was originally inspired by @whitepony build back on Endless Sphere.

Few light surface scratches on the bottom which will most likely be covered by an enclosure. Grip tape indents are from G Bomb hardware (highly recommend)

Looking for $160 shipped

Description https://www.muirskate.com/longboard/completes/30741/landyachtz-top-speed-34-5-longboard-skateboard-custom-complete

A shorter topmount board that fits perfectly into Landyachtz’s new lineup, the 2013 Top Speed 34 draws inspiration from the shape of the old Landyachtz Drop Speed and brings in some new aggressive concave that we’ve never seen out of Landyachtz before. The Top Speed 34 combines steep concave at the rails with a high W-concave down the middle and flares above each wheel. The combined effect of these features is a platform designed to give you leverage when cornering and drifting while still leaving a flat enough platform to make free-riding comfortable as well. Shorter than it’s 36.5" bigger brother, the Top Speed 34 is 34.5" in length with a 25.25" wheelbase that will make this board oh-so maneuverable and grippy! A top composite ply and a bottom fiberglass sheet make the Top Speed 34 feel as solid as a rock without being excessively heavy or thick. These layers also do an amazing job of preserving your board if it happens to get away from you and hang itself into a curb or wall. If you want a board that will get your pre-drifts dialed and rail straight through the apex of the turn with plenty of speed, the 2013 Landyachtz Top Speed 34 should be very high up on your wish list! To tune your Top Speed for some technical downhill riding, we recommend a set of 184mm Caliber 44Cals and some 72mm Sector 9 OS RFW wheels to give you plenty of grip and a butter smooth slide. If you’re looking to keep things techy and more freeride oriented, try setting up the Top Speed 34 with some 181mm Bear Grizzly trucks and some 70mm Volante Checker wheels!

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The LY TS, one of the best decks there is to electrify. Stable, fast, wide and beautiful. If I hadn’t dropped 10k on vacation and an HVAC unit this month I’d be all over it, just to have another one.


It really is a beautiful deck. Pretty neat that some of the wood grain can be seen through red and clear sections.

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Beautiful deck! Don’t sell it


am i the only that gets confused when I see you guys post in the same thread? :smile:



Hahaha, I get @‘s intended for him from time to time


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Great looking deck ready for a build

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Who wants it?

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Now $140 shipped

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It’s so sexy :smiley: it really is

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Hey do you still have the Falcon 39"?

Sold already

Remember that time where you changed your photo to Alan’s photo and offered the discounted enclosures, and we bonded and laughed and laughed and high fived and had a great time.

They were the days. I feel like based on our relationship I’ll just have the board :slight_smile:

Love you.


That was a great time in esk8 hilarity. When you put it that way, how can I resist? Where shall I send it?

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Send it to @Sender, ill get Tim to do some cool glass frit on it.