SOLD - DIYEboard 10s5P ATS $225 shipped (East Coast US Only)

Since I built my new board i don’t use this one anymore.

Includes 2 remotes, another set of airless tires, the wheels and belts to use street wheels.

People talk a ton of crap about these but for the cost it’s a great way to get started.

I’ve have it just over a year. No issues at all.


Range and top speed?

What’s the range? Some dude in our group uses the same battery on a thane wheel setup and gets about 18 km @50%.

Not positive, faster than I would ever want to go. It has three speeds and I only ever use the 2nd (not trying to wipe out at 20 mph). I would guess with the larger wheels 20+ for sure. Range depends a lot on terrain, speed, weight of driver. ~8 miles with the big wheels I’d say.

bump to the top of the stuff…

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I’ll take it

Send me your address and shoot the paypal to [email protected] and I’ll ship it out this weekend.

ill do 125 + paypal fees

btw yeetorbeyeeted is also my account

The price will slowly drop week by week. If no one takes it long enough than sure. I’m not in a rush though


I’m interested in this for a project for work. Unfortunately I’m newly registered on here. What size are the motors? Would you be ok with shipping to NM, we could talk about the additional price needed since not east cost.


5065 1500 watt do your researh ask for pics and battery voltages diyeboard can be quit dangerous

Protip: diyeboard isn’t necessarily the dangerous part, working in DC voltage systems is the dangerous part. Has been the couple decades I’ve worked on them (and obviously long before)! You should do your research or ask questions before assuming yourself. Civil discourse, as the banner says, indeed. I said I was new here, not to the hobby or the systems we work in.

buying from them is unreliable. and i do know what im talking about ive had the esc, battery pack, deck, and trucks all fail on me so…

That sucks, I’m sorry to hear that.