[SOLD] Dual 5065/270kv drivetrain (EU) - SOLD

Hey, so I’m taking a different direction with my build so the following is up for grabs.

I’d prefer it to all go together but don’t mind splitting it up, and it’ll obviously be a better deal if you take it all.

2 x Psychotiller trucks 2 x DIY motor mounts 2 x Prop drive 5065 270kv motors (15t 15mm pulleys) 2 x belts

The rear truck is modified to take the motor mounts, it also has extended axles. The mounts have adjustable idlers, the mounts fit the screw pattern of the Prop drive motors

The motors are polished and have had a phase wire mod done to swap them for 12awg .





& 1 standard truck… which I didn’t take a picture of, because it looks like a standard truck

I’ll update later with more/better pictures, this is all I have on my phone.

The trucks and the mounts together have got to be worth £60? (the trucks cost me more than that by the time you account for shipping and customs/duty). The motors another £60 for the pair? So say £100 all in?

Plus shipping to you (I’m in the UK)

*edited to add better Images *edited again as I also have an additional rear hanger that has been modified to work with the mounts but is the standard hanger length

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thanks again