*SOLD* E-Toxx Dual Motormounts for Trampa Street Carver, IDLER + CF Braces


Wanna show these luxury Custom Motormounts for the Trampa Street Carver :

Made from highest possible Grade Aluminium : 7075-T6 10mm Thickness 2X POM Idler, Ballbearings inside 2X Carbon Fibre Braces for best alignment and Motorprotection 2X Strongbelt Belt 305mm / 15mm wide

4 complete Dual Drive Sets available right now / Stock ITEMS

269€ US / AUS / CAN 25€ shipping

Build for Trampa MINI Trucks ( INFINITY - VERTIGO - ULTIMATE) in reversed position Standart Street Carver Position

Build for Trampa Drive Gears,

(These fits to Trampa Stickies Wheels and ABEC Clones)

Trucks and Pulleys NOT INCLUDET

I use them with Turnigy SK3-6364-213KV Motors actually

Video in Action :



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the tool finish marks are sweet AF Jens-bro!

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Jens, I am totally interested… question though… you think if I get these motor mounts from you + the 60-65 tooth wheel that Trampa will be putting out for a Superstar/Hypa hubs… it will work with the 125mm gummies?

I have your mini direct drive and I think they will likely be too big for the 125mm gummies and may ground rub as the gummies wear.

Hey The Mini Direct Drive is build for the Gummies ! Outer Diameter is 95mm so you got alot clearence for the 125mm Gummies.

If this Beltdrive fit with 60thooth i dont think so… Working on some 44 Pulleys for 107mm Flywheels, will look for compatible …

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You have an email @Nowind

Good timing. Looks like the JTAG BMS is getting close to completion, and the motors from APS just shipped after being on backorder for 10weeks. Might get this build finished in time for summer (Australian summer) afterall :grin:.

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I will take a set of your motor mounts for the Trampa Street Carver – I am going to try those MBS 100mm black wheels. Something to f around with until gummies start shipping.

If you still have in stock, please send me a Paypal for 294€ (you have my info) :wink:

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GODAMMMM these are pretty! The quality of you products are second to none! Great work buddy :muscle: :thumbsup:

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Thanks @lock, parts will be shipped this morning

Thanks Dude, request send this minute.

@DanSkates Thanks Bro for kind words! You are welcome anytime.


Payment sent.

The work is always beautiful

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That was really a quickie… payment recieved Will ship tomorrow morning.

Thanks for doing buisness with me again.

Have a great Day Jens

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Hey quick question can you link me what motor gear you are using? 12T-15T I would guess? I know you have a tensioner so likely I have a wide variety of choices but if you link it to me I will be solid.


@Nowind would you sell just the cf braces and for how much?

I´m running the 13t on Motor and 37t on wheel

Not from this batch, i need them for the Mounts. If you can wait a bit no problem… 60€ / Pair

Can this mount fit 6374s? So sexy!

Thanks @Sender

Depends on which 6374 … you know they sometimes just wrong labeled like Turnigy SK3-6374 which are 5984

But in generall i tend to no it will not fit Check this picture :

Turnigy SK3-6364 , 305mm Belt on 13 / 40 Gearing Really tight on the Kingpin

I was thinking either Torque boards 190 kv 6374 or alien 170kv 6374… That’s interesting, I didn’t know that about Turnigy SK3-6374s being 5984!

I get some Motors this week which will have similar dimension as the Aliens. I will check whats work in the actually version

In generall i realized that the original Trampa pulleys are super wide :

The left is the @Titoxd10001 pulleys, so if you decide to go with a pulley design like this i could do some wider Braces for more clearence

Here you see how much you can gain with regular sized pulleys :

Okay i also used some speedrings to bring out the wheels more, using some milimeters of the threads.

Here are some pulleys i made today, its 44thooth for bigger wheels like Abec 107mm and Trampa Gummies :

For Trampa Gummies i combined the pulley with “Hub Adapters” from the Direct Drive

By using this bigger wheelpulleys the use of the Idler is really tight/ not good… Running it without :

Gummies on Superstar on this Beltdrive :


Just my luck - you come up with all this extra-special sheet after I place my order…lol

Please let me know when you have those for sale - I will take a set of the 44T abec and a 44T set for the gummies.

Also if possible can you send me a can of Total Power Grease with those (4) pulleys - if you are allowed to ship it to the US. I found they have it on amazon.de for about €14.50 but they want €50 for shipping!!!


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Haha yeah sorry this continious improving of stuff/parts have to come to an end :joy:

Cant ship this Total Power Grease, but dont stick to this to much Dude. Any Acidfree quality grease will work, you will not kill the gears :sunglasses:

For the Abec107 i think this 44 is really nice size… For Gummies maybe 50T would even nicer, could be mounted direct without “Adaptor”