SOLD: Enertion Mount US Only

Items for Sale


Enertion Mount - $45 Shipped

Fly Wheel clones $8 + Shipping

Items stock updated

Will the motor mount come with pulleys?

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No sorry, I already sold those.

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Friend of mine may want to but your mount I’ll let you know

size of wheels?

83mm. Used for about 30 miles.

Friend of mine will take your motor mount

Oh okay. Will he message me?

He’s not on the forum. If you want send me your PayPal email. I’ll have him send the money with something like friend of plumb77. His name’s john

Here’s my link. I’ll know it is him with the $45. Just send me his address so I can ship.

Is this sold?

Nope, not yet.

Bump. This is still for sale.

Bumpity up to the topity

Is the motor mount sold?

It is not sold yet.

Ok nice! I want to buy it! It is the one Enertion sold before right?

Yea, Enertion sold these before the Raptor 2 launch.

PM me your address. The PayPal link is on my profile page.

still for sale?