(SOLD) Enertion Nano-X 2.4Ghz Controller (Australia)

I am selling an Enertion Nano-X controller in perfect working condition. There is only some minor cosmetic scratches on one side of the controller (see 2nd photo). I am selling it for AUD$100 which includes the remote, USB charging cable, receiver and binding plug(already binded together). I am located in Melbourne but I happy to ship domestically, quote me your postcode for postage prices. Thanks image image image

little bit expensive dude. just throwing it out there

^ +1

these go for 40-50 usd new… (depending)

^were at 27$ for a long time.

100aud = 70usd

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Aren’t these $139 + taxes +shipping from Enertion?

and imo they’re not THAT great tbh

@ProjectEldor Yeah but for that price you can get a good Modded GT2b, enertion should have kept the price at 27$

@mynamesmatt I’ve heard the travel is not great plus it looks like its just a modded winning.


if you open them up they ARE a winning


They’re the same as the V2. They’re not a bad remote at all, the winning V1 was terrible. The OP has a right to sell at whatever price they like, you have a right to decide whether or not to buy it. Let’s not muddle up this thread with opinions and hearsay (alanzhou).

sorry that was not my intention :sweat_smile:

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All good broski. :slightly_smiling_face: