SOLD: Enertion Raptor 1|Dual R-Spec|Dual Vesc-X's

Hey guys. Once again I’m selling some more excess eboard stuff. It’s not excess to me, but as far as my fiance’s concerned I don’t need two eboards in the house. Especially with having a broken collar bone at the moment I can’t skate either of my boards. I’ll be getting my Raptor 2 in May also. So that will be just too many! Anyways. Just thought I’d test the waters and see what kinda offers I get. I’m looking to sell fast. Otherwise I’ll just hide it at my brothers place and have a spare board. I’m hoping to sell by this weekend! Thanks!

$1,100 obo shipped in the USA 1 USED Raptor 1 (Purchased it in November. Last batch) 1 Set of Wheels- Original Enertion Wheels (Only used once) 1 Front bumper guard- Helps protect the nose if the boards gets away from you 2 Vesc-X’s- Only ran these vesc-x’s 4-5 times to test. So they are basically brand new 1 Enertion Nano-X Remote controller- This remote was fixed by Enertion. It binds every single time with no problems. 2 Enertion Caliber 2 Trucks- I painted them black a while back 2 R-Spec 6355 Motors 1 Carbon Fiber deck w/built-in enclosure- The board is definitely used. It has scratches all over it. Tail is scratched from actually using it. Doesn’t affect it’s use.

This board works great! I’m very happy that I’ve owned it and that it inspired me to build my own board to replace it. Thanks for looking guys!!!

If there’s anything else you guys need like more info, pics, videos, whatever. Just ask.


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What gearing does it have?

It’s all stock still. 36t 9mm wide drive pulley and 15t 9mm wide steel motor pulley.

how much ?

First post has all the info. :wink:

yes i noticed it after words . sorry . im a new

No worries. Welcome to the esk8 community! :slight_smile:

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thanks . hey i have a question . i’m trying to get into a group buy . i went to kick starter but wont allow me to do the group buy . can it be done on this forum . i looked around but even the people i see doing it . wont let me tpe in anything to join . thanks in advance. l

Sorry @SeanHacker don’t want to hijack this thread…

@massive-attack I’m sorry but I think the kick starter and group buy possibility for the raptor2 are now over… I think you won’t find a better price that the one on Enertion store right now. Except if someone from a group buy is willing to sell you is place. :anguished:

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Yep. @JohnnyMeduse is right. The kickstarter is over with. I think all the group buys are full also. The price on the Enertion site is the choice you have now.

You’re not able to post until you’ve read a little bit on this website. So just search around a read some things for a little bit and then you’ll be able to post soon. They do this so that spam bots can’t just come in here and start posting.

thank you for clarifying that im been looking for an answer for a while now . thank you so much . but how can someone get that info . if someone wants to let go of there group buy . just curious . also i cant post anything yet .

After you’ve read for a while and are able to post you can go here or here and you will be able to post and ask someone if they want to sell you theirs.

thanks for the help guys . i now im new . and thanks for not picking on me for that lol .

No problem. You’ll find out that people here would rather help than pick on you. This is a great community. :slight_smile:

hope so . i come from race car community . and it gets bad . putting cars on the side and want to enjoy the florida weather with a raptor 2.

Yeah. I know that goes.

I can’t wait to get my raptor 2.

It’s not, so maybe buy @SeanHacker’s :grin:!

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Nope. Raptor 1 was discontinued.

That’s a great idea! lol.

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hey im all for it . if its available . would love the duel raptor