SOLD: Enertion Raptor 1|Dual R-Spec|Dual Vesc-X's

but to be honest . i dont have 1100 . thats why i was trying to do a group buy to get the raptor 2 for 900 .

I would go down to $1000 shipped. That would leave me with around $900 after I pay shipping. It will be available as long as this thread title says “FOR SALE”. I’ve been getting some offers. Just none that I will accept quite yet. :wink:

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damn i wish . to rich for me now . all i have is 800 and even that is going to take 2 weeks

The raptor 2 is around $950 at tier 1, so for $50 more you can get this one.

i see the price at 1200 how would i get it for 950

Darn it! I just bought the broken Raptor one for $700 PLUS SHIPPING Plannning to used the deck battery and vescs for a hub build and fixing and selling the mount and motors. I would’ve bought yours for $1000, just the VESC-X is worth like $300

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Any pics of the top?

I’ll get some more pics after I get outta the hospital. The top is just grip tape though. Nothing different than any other raptor.

Great price!

What are your thoughts on those AT wheels you put on it?

Sorry I didn’t reply any sooner. I ended up having to get emergency surgery. I love the MBS AT wheels. They go over everything!

Board is sold. Thanks everyone.

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