[SOLD] Enertion Raptor 1 + TSG Pass Helmet

Hi everyone,

I’ve decided to sell my Raptor 1 after almost a year of ownership. I’ve enjoyed riding the board and have very few complaints, but as I’ve found out the roads where I’ve moved to are less than smooth so I’m taking a look at other methods of transportation.

Overall, the board is in great condition. As I said, I’ve had it for almost a year now, but due to our long northern winters it hasn’t experienced more than a few months of riding. I’ve never used it in rainy/wet conditions and kept it clean, so both the finish on the bottom of the deck and the grip tape are in excellent condition. There are some scuffs on the rubber guards and on the rear motor mounts (see photos), but both are only cosmetic.

Accessory-wise, I’m including everything that came with the board originally:

  • Remote w/ charging cable and wrist strap
  • Standard charger
  • Fast charger (used once, still mint)
  • Spare belts (8)
  • Spare set of nuts and bolts
  • T tool

In addition, I’m including a Silver skate tool I bought before I realized the board included one. :slight_smile: I’m also looking to sell my TSG Pass helmet (size L), which is in excellent condition and includes both visors (tinted and clear) in the original box/packaging.

I should also note that the battery was recently repaired by Enertion; As I was riding the board a few months ago, the battery died at ~20% and wouldn’t power back on, even after a full charge. As much as I consider myself a DIY guy, I decided to leave this one to the pros, so I contacted Enertion support who had me ship the battery out to be repaired. A few weeks later, I received the battery, which I installed and briefly tested to verify that it was working (it did), but I otherwise have not used or ridden the board since.

I’m hoping for $1000 for the board, $175 for the helmet, or both for $1150. If you’re interested, or want to talk price, feel free to PM me. Otherwise, check out the board below!

More photos

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Hey look! Its a carbon Scarlet!

$1000 is probably a bit steep for a year old Raptor even in great shape. That gen 1 space cell is at half its life expectancy most likely. You might get $800 for it. Looks really clean though.


Thanks for the feedback, I just edited my initial post. I wasn’t sure what I could get for it since I haven’t seen many other Raptors for sale for comparison, but $800 would still be great.

I haven’t had much experience with the larger battery packs used on these eboards; is a decrease in life expectancy more so the result of the total number of charge/discharge cycles, or just age?

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It’s mostly about the cycles.

Just a heads up, I paid $900 for Raptor v1 in much worse shape. I think $800 is the absolute bottom price for the condition it’s in. You should really be able to get a bit more for it. Good luck!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll mark it back up and anyone who’s interested can PM me personally for a lower price then. Given the condition, I was hoping for a bit more as well.

You should just auction it off on eBay. Your gonna get more for it this time of year than any other. To us here on this site it’s just worth it’s raw parts value on eBay it’s a working board in summer.


That’s a good idea, I’ll do that shortly. Thanks!

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still available?

At the moment, yes. I’ve had a few potential buyers contact me so I haven’t posted to eBay yet, but none have followed through. I’m planning on creating an eBay listing Monday if I don’t get any serious inquiries by then.

where are you located?

Vermont, USA. I’d be willing to negotiate shipping as long as it’s within the US.

Thanks for your interest everyone, the board has been sold.

Happy riding!

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