sOLD Enertion Raptor 2 For Sale *Certified Refurbished* AU ONLY SOLD

Enertion Raptor 2 for sale

Certified refurbished with OEM parts by an official Enertion Repair Agent For sale in Australia only Includes NEW Accessory kit (4 amp charger, skate tool, etc.) This Raptor has most of the updates of the latest Raptor 2. Solid (non cutout) deck. Battery riser pad, fully water proof with the upgraded seal. Wheels are nearly new! CNC Trucks and baseplates 10s4p Samsung 30Q battery Remote included

Deck is in excellent condition Seller is in Brisbane

See here for more details (

Asking price is A$1800! No Trades

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i wil buy the hubs seperate! :slight_smile: You can?

i would like to buy only the hubs… nothing else…

Don’t think he wants to part out. Take a look around, I think there’s someone in the U.S. who was parting out a raptor.

I could sell you some hubs for sensorless use only

Why only sensorless use??