(SOLD) Enertion VESCs, belts, and some other items for sale

Below are a couple of items I have for sale. The VESCs are lightly used, but everything else is brand new. Please add $5 to all items for shipping.

  • SOLD - Enertion VESC x2 h/w v4.12. 4mm bullets already soldered on for motors. I’ve also shrink wrapped it and added raspberry pi heatsinks to the fets - $80 each
  • SOLD - 255-5m-12 belts x5 - $25 for the lot (I wouldn’t buy these in singles due to shipping)
  • SOLD - This 10s BMS. Wouldn’t recommend it for discharging but, if you’re bypassing it, I’d say go for it. It was a little too square for me (too wide) so I never used it. Same price as Ali, but hey, faster shipping - $10.

Where are you located ?

SF Bay Area, California

Ill buy 1 vesc and the belts

1 VESC and belts are sold, still 1 more available!

I am interested, check your message.