---SOLD --- [EU] CARVON V2.5 single hub set ABEC11 90mm 78A FLYWHEEL - BRAND NEW

Brand new, never used. CARVON V2.5 single hub set / 85Kv motor with upgraded ABEC11 90mm 78A FLYWHEELs (originally ordered as “CarvON V2.5 Single Hub Motor + Front Truck + Wheels Set (Raw Edition)” + “ABEC11 90mm 78A FLYWHEEL SET FOR SINGLE HUB MOTOR” on https://www.carvonskates.com)

I bought those together with a V2.5 dual hub set back in beginning of 2017, but never managed to make a build using them, so now I decided to sell them.

Selling pretty much for what I paid for them with shipping and import tax. Price: 375 EUR. Shipping from Denmark.

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Very nice! This should go fast😍


Are those 4 full ABEC11 wheels or does one of them have a partially cut-out core?

These are Carvon’s V2.5. One of the wheels (the one with the motor) has a partially cut-out core.


For your info - this is still for sale.

Power rating if you know?

85kv per motor


Status update: I sent money to @dennisukr via paypal yesterday. He already provided a tracking number for the package.