[Sold] [EU] DIY Board for Sale / Dual Motor / 10s4p

Used, have it since about 2 years invested about 1400 EUR
Motor and Trucks used
Electronics (Battery, Vesc, etc) new, bought from (eskating.eu), Can show the invoice

Deck: Globe Sledgehog Fibercarve 37.7
Battery: FLAT 10s4p Samsung 30Q
Motor: 2x BKB 6374 190kv
Vesc: Dual Enertion FOCBOX (VESC X)
Trucks: Torqueboards 218MM TRUCKS
Wheels: ABEC 11 107mm Wheels
Bluetooth Adapter for reading out Parameters via Phone
Front and Rear Light with breaking light
Installed strap for easier handling

Range around 30km (never driven so much in one day) Top Speed 45-50 depending on rider and state of charge enough torque with these beefy motor to run every hill