[SOLD] EU Evolve Bamboo GT parts / Deck, Enclosure, motors etc

SInce I’ll be using SuperCarve trucks for my DIY, I’ve decided to part out the rest of my Evolve Bamboo GT… So Here it goes.

All of those items were bought in May, brand new from Evolve Germany

[SOLD] Deck, as you can see was subject to my kid creative moments, so some watercolor paint is still there… Never bothered to wash it down…

IMG_8328 IMG_8329 IMG_8326

Price - 90 Euros

**[SOLD]**Enclosure (without heatsink *see bellow)

IMG_8330 IMG_8331

Price - 40 Euros

**[SOLD]**Broken ESC - Heatsink

Got replacement from Evolve, someone could use this for heatsink with enclosure

IMG_8342 IMG_8343

Price - 15 Euros

ESC Fully operational

IMG_8333 IMG_8332

Price - 100 Euros

Remote R2 with case

IMG_8335 IMG_8334

Price - 90 Euros

Motor Mounts x2

IMG_8340 IMG_8341

Price - 20 Euros

**[SOLD]**Motors Evolve 5065 150KV

IMG_8337 IMG_8339

Price - 40 Euros each

All prices are without shipping costs, and eventual import taxes…


I hit you a PM :beers:

Deck Enclosure Broken ESC Motors Motor mounts

Sold. I will edit first post soon.

Still available:

Remote ESC

I will also add charger later with pictures, and probably some pulleys.

Everything sold.

Please lock it mods.

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