[SOLD] [EU] For Sale: Trampa Urban Carver

Hi all!

Time has come to sell my custom build board which in my opinion is in excellent condition.

The reason why I’m selling the board is that the purpose of the whole build was more of “I can do it” rather than “I want to ride”.

I did spend countless hours reading this and other forums in order to make this build possible, but now it’s just sitting and doing nothing as I just don’t have time nor joy to ride.

In total, I made around 100 km or less.

This build should be great to further upgrade or just ride.

The core was built on Trampa parts: ** 15ply 35º Carve Deck - STIFF ** 136Kv Motor - Amazing Top Speed ** 14 Tooth - All Round Performance ** 75a Firm Steering - GREEN DAMPA’s ** VESC - Maytech 12S ** BMS 16a 30A ** Batteries - Panasonic NCR 18650 PF. 10A - 2900 mAh - 12S4P - total of 48 batteries.

  • Charging port and a 50.4 V charger.

As for performance:

v max around 34 - 36 km/h range - 25 km + (never did try to make it to the top :wink: )

Asking price - 3500 PLN ~ 820 EUR for everything + shipping

I did send over 672.50 GBP for Trampa parts so you basically get rest stuff for free :slight_smile:

I live in Warsaw, Poland, but I can ship it wherever you want, but the costs will depend on destination.

20190203_192708 20190203_192703 20190203_192743 20190203_192744 20190203_192723 20190203_192717 20190203_192925 20190203_192940 20190203_193010 20190203_192723 20190203_192708 20190203_192659 20190203_192743 20190203_192717 20190203_192744 20190203_192703 20190203_192659 20190203_192925 20190203_192940 20190203_193010


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Parting out? :slight_smile:

Not for now :wink:

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wow… nice little battery brick and Unity in there and youll have a seriously powerful and snazzy looking buiild

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just curious, where did you get that belt cover?

looks like the stock trampa part

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From the pics it looks like a Trampa street carver motor mount.

why can’t you get the cover on its own though uuuugh :joy::joy:

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Bumping :slight_smile:

Naturally I’m also adding controller

650 euro? 10char

Make it 700 EUR + shipping and we can have a deal :slight_smile:

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Sold !-) if the shipping to belgium is reasonable :slight_smile:


So much more fun then going by car to work !-) Loving it !!!


Can I see how much space you have under the deck please?

20190308_170851 20190308_170906

Told Maxx to get out of the pic, but no way !-) :grinning:

Very steap curbs (if this is correct) can be a problem i noticed, was thrown off :wink:

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