[Sold][EU/UK] Selling my Urban Carver Builder with FatBoy 1:3 Drive Train and APS 6374 130kv motors

Hi guys, I decided to say goodbye to my Urban Carver project, I bought on the idea it will be much better small and better handling and everything was as expected but the deck for me is too small and bit uncomfortable for 47 EUR shoe size…

So I am selling, the whole deck, full trucks, 7" superstar wheels, FatBoy 1:3 Drive Train for Trampa and 2 x APS 6374 130kv motors.

Pictures you can find in topic https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/urban-dailydriver-35-holypro-carve-trampa-mini-vertigo-trucks-aps-6374-130kv-3-2kw-fatboy-directdrive-fatboy-solid-hubs-12s-fatboy-esc/47028/6

Part List:

  • VERTIGO URBAN Carveboard CNC LIGHT with 15ply HOLYPRO Carve - STIFF 475£
  • RED Black Logo Baseplate
  • BLACK Powder Coated Springs 5£
  • 5 Spoke SUPERSTAR Hubs £30.00
  • Carbon Print Rim £15.00
  • GUNMETAL Anodised Spokes
  • 7 Inch BLACK Innova INLINE Tyre & Tube
  • FreeBoard Bindings
  • FatBoy 1:3 Drive Train 300£
  • 2 x APS 6374 3kW 130kV 170£

I dont part out, full build :slight_smile: Just buy some focboxes/dual case mounting plate and batteries and ready to go :slight_smile:

Price is 700£ parts are basically new have maybe 30km on it.

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Added price

will take all superstars wheel parts, tires, tubes, springs & freebords if you part :slight_smile:

Bring the breaking hammer!

Lol, what? :smiley:

The breaker’s yard, take it apart, sad but that’s how to monetise something that’s not selling!

I am not in rush so :wink:

Id like to take the wheels if you part soon

oh Acido you bad, bad man, I’ve asked for them already above to go on the 3dservisas ATB drive I bought.

I think my 9" wheels are going to need belts instead.

@Kug3lis want some hypas in a partial swap (with $$$ of course)to get new POM wheel drives made then proto on this build and sell with it? Then hypa can be added as an option

Like I said, I will not part away :slight_smile: In worst case whole board, drivetrain and motors :slight_smile:

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Interested, will PM you after workhours

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Sorry didnt read your post :smiley:

I need only 2 though…

He’s not for budging!

There is person interesting to buy everything apart wheels/trucks/gear drive. As gear drive/trucks can’t be separated as hanger was machined for gear drive will there be someone interested in gear drive with mini trampa spring trucks?

I know @banjaxxed wants wheels…

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Sold :wink: