Sold! [EU] WTS Green Bergmeister wheels for 170€


Am selling my set of green Bergmeister tires, with the rubber o-rings already installed, all tires pumped up with a bit of air and valves centered in their holes. (Spent 3 hours doing that yesterday; getting the screws out takes forever.)

While inserting the protective o-rings, I noticed that the black rubber washers had worn out / teared apart, so I replaced the ones on the back with proper steel washers. (not sure if stainless)


These tires are used for about 400m (tested them on a non-electric board up and down my street once). I only noticed 3 minor scratches of the anodized paint, which I’ve marked with red circles.


Wheels include a spare inner tube as well (I have 2, but want to keep 1 for myself). I’m selling the wheels because I’m changing my planned color scheme, and bought black wheels instead last week.

I can also include up to 20 green M5 countersunk washers for free. They aren’t the exact color of the wheels, but hey, they’re green:


Am looking for 180 170€ + shipping (around 15€) for the wheels, which is a decent deal imo since you save money on any import taxes. Oh, and if you want cheaper shipping and are from the UK, I can take them with me and ship from there in a month.

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Bump! Priced drop to 170€ :slight_smile:

Wheels have been sold! Please close the thread @moderators :slight_smile: