SOLD [europe] vruzend kits for sale. Non welder solution for 18650 packs

Hi there i have almost 3 kits for sale. I say “almost” because i tested them and a couple contacts are missing. you will not need them anyway. I bought them just for science. I did my testing and i don’t need them anymore because i prefer welding my packs. It could make a good use for some of you.

I’m asking for them 65 euros shipped anywhere within european union. I will send you the screwdriver as a gift. I will not need that weird size anymore. By buying my packs you bypass customs. Yes! it has a lot of metals inside so the scanners detect it and draw attention at customs. They made me pay 30 euros for those. It’s packed and ready to ship same day. Thanks for your attention fellas.

:joy: not for me :joy::joy::joy:

Actually I don’t want to sell it to you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I like your spot welder.

Not your battery holders :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Seems you are bored to tears. Thanks for the bump anyway.

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Hello rojitor, I’m interested in buying the kits and having them shipped to me in Sweden. How do we arrange payment and shipping? I have PayPal.

Here’s how they look for those who are interested to see them (the same as I was)

Thanks for the images. I’ve studied them a bit and they seem to be a good choice for my first build. I’m building a 10s10p 1.5A per cell max ebike pack from old laptop 18650s, and want to be able to tear my pack apart in order to replace dying cells or just insert better ones. I hope they’re as vibration resistant as the manufacturer claims, but time will tell.

Yes they are… The zip ties are “just in case” once pressed correctly they do not move at all.

Sold thank you

Shipped. Enjoy it

Thanks, I will. This project combines many of my passions: electronics (a hobby since age 10), lithium cells (my new project since this spring), electric vehicles (I’ll never drive combustion vehicles again, yuck), general learning by tinkering (since I got out of diapers) and going from idea to finished product. I’m replacing the crappy and stupidly heavy SLAs that my bike came with. I got a great deal on it used because they sucked so much - I love how people sometimes sell ebikes for a price far below the value of even an equivalent non-e bike, just because the battery is going or there is some dumb electrical fault.


Hah yeh, a buddy of mine got ebike for.about 100eur / 110usd… just.because there was a fault with it and the user didnt to repair it.

Im glad more.people get into.this.stuff, if more poeple were inclined for.these things, things would start to.change sooner

So I wish you a nice work with the batteries :wink: (Picture/pack is not.mine.but i think it represents battery building in a cool way :wink: )

Nice glue pack. I’m working on a 3D-printed system that will hold cells together almost that compactly, but in an easily replaceable fashion. I just got the first usable part yesterday though, and printing them all will take a few weeks. Time will tell if the 3D-printed spring can keep the tension in the long run. For those curious, the model file is on Thingiverse: It is a remix of another full size battery holder.