[SOLD] Evolve Carbon Fiber Deck

I had plans to duplicate @whitepony 10S6P custom battery (https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=70435) but ended up moving to a more urban environment where I don’t need the range and need a smaller board.

There are a few scrapes on the underside of the board but perhaps some resin/clearcoat can fix it.

In addition to the large battery that can be fit, it also has an opening where a large aluminum heat sink can be mounted. I was going to mount to VESCs to this plate to get adequate cooling.

It even has a cutout in the tail to mount your receiver to combat the issues that carbon fiber decks have with blocking signals.

The deck is about 45" long.

1)The deck weighs about 4.5 pounds. Evolve does not post a load rating for this deck. There are riders in the 200-250 range though.

2)The battery compartment cover does come off. The rough dimensions of the deck side recess are 29x5.5x.42 (inches). The cover side is before the esc recess is 24x5.5x2.5 (inches). The ESC recess is 5x5.5x.8 (inches). Total battery cover length is 29" by 5.5" wide.

3)There are no stripped bolt holes.

  1. There are no stress cracks in the carbon.

6)Yes, you can use standard trucks. Depending on wheel size and the trucks, you may need to use the deck as a top mount rather than a drop through.

  1. Yes, the grip tape can be removed, it’s standard grip tape, not epoxied.

Looking for $375 shipped in the US.

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I apologize that they are out of order. When I uploaded them, it mixed them all up.

Open to reasonable offers

Wish I had the money lovely deck

Hi There I know its a long while ago, but did you sell the deck?




10 char