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Basically new factory LaCroix DSS50+. I’ve ridden it three times. Absolutely amazing board. Includes Hoyt puck remote, already installed but very easy to switch back to nano if you prefer. I’m in San Luis Obispo, CA and would rather not ship but I could look into it if I can’t find someone local.

$2500 firm


Pictures would help

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Just curious, why the sale? Seems like it’s the best pneumatic option out

@Kellag check it out bro

I’m in San Diego, selling my bajaboard for something that fits in my car… exactly like this.


Just would rather have the money right now

image image image

I don’t believe there’s a scratch on it… just the tire wear from around 40-60 miles. It’s an absolute beast!!


Hey bro, I am extremely interested in buying it and live in California (los angeles). I used to live in PB when I went to San Diego State…best city in the world. Anyways, call or text me at 661-317-3656 to discuss

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Btw is this the version with the 37.5 mile range and what weight option did you order?

DSS50+ = Yes, 37.5

I would edit your post to remove your number and take it to PM. Public forum threads are seen in google searches.


I’m 180 pounds, yellow bushing in front, red in back

Are they seen in duck duck go searches? What about bing searches? Are we safe on that front?

You tell us “source code”

Just looking out on what I was taught but open to hearing your side of the story. Is it safe to post your number on public forum?



Despite the aforementioned derailment, the board is still for sale…

Did the Lacroix get sold? I’m interested…

I think the title says it all

Indeed it does

How can I tell if any other Lacroix for sale?